Bon Voyage!

This afternoon Richard is leaving on a grand tour of Europe and its close neighbors.  He will be traveling for 4 1/2 months.

The intrepid traveler

Richard’s journey will begin in Istanbul when he lands there tomorrow.  The plan is to move from Istanbul to Greece and the Greek islands and then travel along the southern rim of Europe during March and early April, moving north as spring arrives and the warm weather appears. His return flight, four months hence, will depart from St. Petersburg, Russia.  He’ll have the opportunity, at least, to visit pretty much everywhere in Europe during the intervening months.

Richard has made all the arrangements himself.  He is carrying only a backpack as luggage, and he has made some careful judgments about what to take.  Kindle and iPod, yes.  Books and cell phone, no.  Light weight, fast-drying towel and light walking shoes, yes.  Bulky clothing likely to be worn only once, no.  Toothbrush and toothpaste, yes.  Every other form of personal care item that can be bought if necessary, no.

I am excited for Richard — and, candidly, a bit envious — as he leaves on what should be a great adventure.  He has promised that he will keep us up to date on his travels through postings to the family blog.

Backpacking And Eurailing Through Europe

For the Webner family, the countdown has begun.  We’re about a month away from Richard’s departure on a four-month trip through Europe and adjoining countries.  His itinerary calls for an arrival at Istanbul and a departure from St. Petersburg more than four months later.  In between, he will go where the wind blows and interest carries him.

I’m hoping that Richard will share some of his planning and preparation for his trip on this blog, and then do some additional blogging about his adventures when he is across the Atlantic.  In the meantime, I can only give him kudos for excellent travel preparation.  He has carefully researched where to go and prepared a rough itinerary of where he wants to go and what he wants to see.  He has purchased his Eurail pass and requested the necessary visas.  He has analyzed, and in some instances purchased, the lightest, slimmest, most comfortable necessities to take on his trip, and he has further reduced the weight of his baggage by opting for a Kindle rather than heavy and bulky books.

I’m envious of his coming voyage, and I’m going to live vicariously through any accounts he may decide to share with us.  In the meantime, his trip reminds me, inevitably, of my four weeks of travel through Europe after I graduated from college in 1980.  Steel yourselves, O Webner House readers!  I’ll be posting accounts of some of my misadventures and observations from the 1980 trip in the coming weeks.