The Buzz About Bees

If you sit outside on a warm spring or summer evening, you are apt to notice that there are fewer bees buzzing around your flowers.  In Ohio, there has been a significant decline in the bee population.  The phenomenon is not limited to Ohio, either.  The BBC reports that bee populations have declined in the northern parts of the United States and Europe, including Great Britain.

Why is this happening?  No one knows, for sure.  The linked articles identify the potential causes as including parastic mites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even inbreeding.  They even have a name for mass bee deaths — colony collapse disorder.  (Or it may just be that the bees have migrated to Washington, D.C. to pester the President; a curious story reported that thousands of bees buzzed the White House today.)

As a kid, bees were part of the summertime adventure.  It was not unusual to get stung once in a while, and you learned to keep an eye out for hovering bees and their telltale buzz.  It won’t really be summer in Ohio without them.