The Password Is . . .

IMG_2954Webner House readers of a certain age will recall the TV game show Password.  Hosted by Allen Ludden, the show featured contestants teamed with celebrities — one of whom always seemed to be Ludden’s wife, Betty White — who then had to get their teammates to say the “password” without saying the word itself.  The password always was disclosed to the TV audience by the breathlessly whispered phrase:  “The password is . . . .”

From my vantage point in one of the office buildings in Cleveland, I look out over partially frozen Lake Erie to the power plant in the distance, with condensation and smoke billowing from the smokestack, pushed by a stiff breeze and starkly visible against the cloudy gray sky, and I think:  “The password is . . . tundra.”  Or:  “The password is . . . frigid.”  Or:  “The password is [insert your choice of word depicting deep, bone-chilling cold].”

White Hot !

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I’ve not watched Saturday Night Live in some time especially from start to finish, but when I heard that Betty White was going to host the show due to a facebook campaign I made sure I was home to watch this past Saturday.

I always enjoyed the characters she played, Sue Ann Nivens the host of a women’s show “The Happy Homemaker” on The Mary Tyler Moore Show back in the mid-seventies and Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls in the late eighties and early nineties. 

Betty has mastered the ability to entertain more than one generation and really good female comedians like her are a rare breed indeed. She did a terrific job on SNL. Click on the website below to view what I thought was one of her funnier skits.

From what I understand the SNL ratings were some of their highest they’ve had over the past couple of years so I wasn’t the only one watching. Cudos to the person that started the Facebook campaign to get her on the show.

 Enjoy !