A Sucker For Old Courthouses

IMG_4126I’m a sucker for old courthouses.  Take me just about everywhere in America and I’ll start scanning the horizon for a tower that might signal the presence of a county courthouse built back in the days when communities thought centers of justice were worth more than a just few tax dollars.

The Bexar County Courthouse in San Antonio is a good example.  It a a bold, multi-towered structure made of red sandstone and granite that stands out against the perpetually blue Texas sky.  It was built in the Romanesque Revival style, with one spire that is topped with a beehive-like dome.  The large courtyard in front of the courthouse also features a large fountain with a blind justice statute.

It’s a fantastic building, and I have only one suggestion for San Antonio’s city fathers:  how about more shade in the courtyard?  It would be nice to be able to appreciate the beauty of the building without worrying that your brain was frying like an egg.