200th Post

I’m taking a break from the visit of Kish’s Mom and sister to note that we have reached our 200th post on the Webnerhouse blog. Some statistics: 1441 views since we started, with the busiest day being Friday, March 27, 2009, with 95 views. Most popular posts has been “Choices, Choices” with 87 views. More spam than actual comments.

Statistics, though, are intrinsically boring. So, I offer this preview of the new Star Trek movie, which I am anticipating more eagerly than I would have thought:

Where ya been?

Since Dad chastised myself and my older brother for our lack of contributions to the blog, I figured it was probably time to throw my few words into the twice-or-thrice-daily waterfall of posts by webnerbob – even though I expect to see it relegated to the 2nd page by tomorrow at the latest. Regardless, life is fleeting and so are blog posts so what the hell.

First of all, in response to Dad’s post about the draft. While I wouldve definitely liked the browns to draft a quality runningback like Beanie Wells (and I was really pulling for it), the Alex Mack pick pleases me the more I think about it. Getting a young powerful, BIG center is really a cant-miss proposition in the AFC North. Mack may take some time settling in, but I have confidence that he will soon be better than twilight Hank Fraley. Plus, there is no way Mack could be less athletic than Fraley, he was pretty obviously overweight and out of shape. I think the browns missed by not drafting a better RB earlier on, but I think both Robiskie and Massaquoi could be great pro receivers, like the inverse of Braylon Edwards. In sum, I think a lot more optimistically about the Browns when I imagine Joe Thomas, Eric Steinbach, and now Alex Mack lined up on the left side of the line. Plus, I think the players the browns acquired from the jets will end up being a much larger factor than most people currently think.

Anyways….what else is new….

I’m currently in the process of 3 final papers, a painting final project, a media studies final project, and then an exam when that time comes around. I take my father’s urging of me to write this post as a valid and excuse-worthy means of procrastination. Dad, if you arent exactly enamored with my report card this semester, blame it on the blog.

Otherwise, I’ve really been enjoying the current summer-worthy weather in Poughkeepsie, NY. It is especially complementary to a new hobby I’ve picked up — skateboarding. For my birthday I went to the mall and put together a custom board with the help of my skater friend Jon. I got a regular trick deck but big beefy, smooth, yellow longboard wheels. It took a while for me to get used to riding a skateboard ( and I have the scabs to prove it) but its like riding a bike, once you learn its easy to take it and run with it. I’m definitely still at a novice-level, though. I can skate around and get going pretty fast; my turning is definitely improving. I could work on my braking. Tricks, forget about that for a while. What I like most about skateboarding is just the feeling of gliding through the air with no effort. Surely, you have to kick the board to make it move, but once youre up on it and moving it feels great. Like the board is an extension of your body. I’m really looking forward to using my skateboard as a means of transportation when I come home to Ohio for the summer.

That seems like a suitable enough post for now. Whenever I next get sick of my schoolwork I’ll try to add more. Incidentally, I just added a new post chock full o’pics in my own blog: http://russellwebner.wordpress.com/

Until next time, MUCH LOVE.

That’s Right, We’re Cool

Kish and I are at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, waiting for our flight. The airport has free wireless, so I thought I would use it to make my first wireless, public-area posting to the blog. It is pretty cool to be able to do this, and it just reaffirms how communications networks are changing our lives in unexpected ways.

Of course, the existence of free wireless does not change the fact that business travel is a pretty miserable, crowded, loud, hurry-up-and-wait experience.

The Concept

The underlying concept of the Webner Family Blog is to have a central location where the members of the Webner family can share information, thoughts, recollections, and trivial observations. It is not always easy to reach someone the old-fashioned way — even if “old-fashioned” is now defined to include telephone, e-mails, and instant messaging. With a blog, we can communicate and maybe create a bit of a record about our family that will be interesting to read on an ongoing basis, and even more interesting to read as time passes. I fully expect that many of the posts will, in retrospect, seem silly or ill-advised, but that should add to the fun.