BCS Bowl Disappointment

I enjoy college football.  For example, I watched the SEC championship game on Saturday without caring much about who won or lost.  I just appreciated the quality football on display in the basic, straightforward, hard-nosed beating that Alabama put on Florida.  I think college football, where teams can and do play radically different offensive and defensive styles, the players are young and emotional, and rivalries actually mean something, is much more interesting than the NFL.  You might as well throw in something about the “color and pageantry” of intercollegiate sports as part of the explanation for my preference, too.

Because I like the unpredictability of college football, I was a bit disappointed in how the BCS bowls ended up — and I expect that, deep down, Boise State and TCU were, too.  They get to play each other in one of the BCS bowl games, and I imagine they both hoped for the opportunity to play one of the big-conference teams and thereby show that they really belonged in the national championship mix, just as Boise State did when it beat Oklahoma several years ago.  I’ve heard about TCU and Boise State and seen some clips of their games, but I really was looking forward to the opportunity to watch a game where TCU played a big-time power like Florida.

America traditionally loves the underdog, the little engine that could.  I am sure that the Boise State-TCU matchup will be an entertaining game, but it won’t have the same panache as a David versus Goliath scenario.