The Buck Back Period

The NCAA Tournament is officially underway.  We’ve already seen our first upset, and seen our first would-be Cinderella fall just short — and I’ve already won my first buck.

george-washington-portrait-one-dollar-bill-close-up-usd-american-united-states-currency-money-concept-49021242When the NCAA Tournament is on, that means the Buck Back competition is on, too.  I’ve written about the Buck Back since the first days of this blog, back in 2009 (!), and it hasn’t changed one bit since then.  Eight contestants put in $8 each and draft 8 NCAA Tournament teams using a serpentine draft format.  Each time your team wins a game, you win a buck back.  Knowledge of college basketball is strictly optional.  Taunting and trash-talking, on the other hand, is mandatory.

This year I went to one Ohio State game and watched all of about 15 minutes of other college basketball contests, so I didn’t know what the hell I was doing at last night’s draft.  I actually flipped a coin to decide on two of my choices.  But I picked third in the draft and my first selection, Kansas, blew out their 16-seed opponent.  So, I’ve won a buck.  Now we’ll have to see whether I can win another.

Long live the Buck Back!