Queen City Quaffing

Last night, after a fine reception to celebrate Will and Megan’s wedding, some of us decided to head out to sample Cincinnati night life on a sultry Saturday evening.

Boy, The Queen City was rocking! The Reds had just beaten the Giants, so the departing game crowd was mixed with the normal weekend partiers and people in town for some kind of musical festival on Fountain Square. The area around the Square was thick with revellers looking for some fun.

We ended up sitting outside at a place called the Cadillac Ranch, listening to electronic dance music pulse from the speakers and watching the crowds and roaring choppers cruise by outside and drunken thrill-seekers try to ride a mechanical bull inside. The place was jammed, the atmosphere was hopping, and the beer was cold and tasted good in the warm summer air. When we left sometime shortly after midnight, it looked like things were just getting started.