Vegased Out

Having just returned from our second trip to Las Vegas in as many months — after an absence of more than a decade — I think we could happily let at least another decade pass before we hit The Strip again. I feel a little bit wary of more Vegas exposure right now — sort of like the look on this chair at the Shops at Caesar’s Palace that is modeled on the bust of emperor Constantine.

You might say we’re Vegased out.

We went to Las Vegas to join in celebrating Richard winning some national awards for his reporting on real estate issues, and we enjoyed getting together with family and toasting his success.  And Las Vegas is an interesting place and a great spot for people watching.  But if you don’t gamble — and we don’t — it gets old quickly. The extreme heat, the jostling crowds surging from casino to casino, the slot machine-boosted level of general background noise, the inflated prices for just about everything other than the cheapest souvenir, and the sense that almost everyone around you is eager to cut loose and create their own “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” anecdote to tell their pals back home . . . it all makes Las Vegas a weird place.

Most American cities are pretty similar; only a few are really distinctive, with a special vibe all their own. Las Vegas is one of the few — but a little taste of it is plenty.