Tonight’s Dinner A Chez Josette

Tonight's repast in the dining room Chez Josette

Richard and I decided that prudence and careful travel demanded that we eat in the apartment tonight.  We previously had bought two bottles of very fine and reasonably priced wine at the shop across the street, and when we returned from today’s travels we decided to visit the boucherie across the street to buy some pate de compagnie and some Camembert de Normandie, as well as some baguettes at the neighboring boulangerie et patisserie.

Sure, the guy at the boucherie looked somewhat amused as I bumblingly tried to order an appropriate amount of pate using my high-school French, where the only metric measurement I can remember is a kilogram.  But, he was friendly, as the French inevitably are when you make an effort to use their language, and we ended up with a large, but reasonable, amount of pate that we consumed, with gusto, with some crusty bread and some excellent French wines.

And then, after we had killed two bottles of wine and gobbled down a lot of the pate and cheese and bread as we played cards, we rambled over to an adjoining street for a nightcap of Pelforth Brune, toasting Aunt Corinne ‘s 70th birthday, and enjoyed some people watching at a fine example of an open-late French cafe.

In all, not a bad day!