Canadian Goose Haiku

At the Ohioana awards luncheon on Saturday I was fortunate to share a table with Michael J. Rosen, who won an award for his terrific book The Cuckoo’s Haiku.  My good friend Michelle, who also sat at our table, confided that the book had inspired her and her husband to write some bird-related haiku.

I thought I would try my hand at some bird-related haiku — but what bird?  When I walked around the golf course today, the answer quickly became apparent, because on one hole the tee featured the signature calling card of the Canadian goose, Branta canadensis. It is a noble looking bird, but it must be the messiest, loudest, most obnoxious bird found anywhere in the world.  What better subject for a haiku?

Your loud, braying honk

overwhelms the silent dawn

droppings coat the ground

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