The Rest of the Story ……

It was pretty much like every other Sunday night, except for the fact that I was recovering from some type of virus (I’d had my flu shot, but flu shots don’t cover all strains) that hit me pretty hard earlier in the week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The virus was so bad that I probably vomited thirty or so times during the three days leaving me weak and most likely a bit dehydrated.

The rest of my family was waiting at the emergency room to get word from the doctor on another family member who was having some health issues so I decided to drive myself to the ER with the intent of being there just a short time to listen to what the doctor had to say then driving myself back home.

While standing in the ER I started to feel a bit light headed so I sat down on one of the trash bins in the room and things became a bit out of focus. According to my family I snorted a couple of times then my eyes became glazed over. Next thing I know I am being loaded into a wheelchair and taken to another room in the ER where they did an EKG. My heart was racing and twitching without any coordination what so ever so they put me on medication to slow my heart rate and help it maintain a much more reasonable rhythm.

Once an individuals heart goes out of regular rhythm the concern turns to how long has the heart been out of rhythm and while it has been out of rhythm have any blood clots formed in the chambers of the heart due to the hearts ineffective pumping action. To make this determination a scope was placed in my esophagus the next day that took pictures of the back of the heart chambers and when it was determined that I had no blood clots they whisked me away to do cardioversion.

Cardioversion is an electrical shock delivered to an individuals chest wall through patches that stop the abnormal heartbeat and allow ones heart to resume a normal rhythm. A doctor and two assistants administered this procedure and said that the jolt of electricity that is used is comparable to a mule kicking a man in the chest. They said the jolt caused my hands and legs to fly up in the air, but I didn’t feel a thing.

So I am back in regular rhythm now and out of the hospital after only a couple of days – truly amazing !