2010-2011 Term Has Started

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Last week I saw a Charlie Rose show about the United States Supreme Court and it was fascinating. During the show they briefly touched on a few of the cases that the Supreme court currently has on their docket for the coming term.

I found this article which mentions five of the more interesting ones and when the arguments will be heard. Other cases that may be heard involve Obama’s healthcare reform and whether or not it is constitutional, terrorism and same sex marriage.

During the Charlie Rose show one of the guests mentioned the fact that last year the court had a case involving texting and because of the age of the justices they did not know what a text was much less had ever sent one.

The article mentions that one of the cases is Schwarzengger vs Entertainment Merchants which involves distribution of video games to those under age 18. Hmmmm – anyone wanna bet if any of the justices have ever played a video game ?