VRBO Decor

Kish and I like staying in VRBOs as an alternative to hotel rooms. If you’re going to be in a place for a few days, it’s usually more affordable, gives you a better feel for the city, and is interesting, besides.

One of the interesting aspects of VRBO rentals is how they are decorated. If you were going to decorate a spot that will be used primarily by complete strangers, would you go for something generic — or something distinctive?

I personally think a well-framed painting of a chimp wearing an Elizabethan gown and crown makes a real statement, don’t you?


A Bad Penguin Joke, As Told By Chimps

I’m a sucker for jokes told by chimps wearing clothes and have been since the halcyon days of Lance Link, Secret Chimp.  I remember this as one of the very first videos I was sent by email, back in the days when email was still a novelty.  The smutty joke made me laugh then, and it still makes me laugh now.