Not Common Christmas Decorations

The Columbus Commons is all decked out for the holidays, and is a colorful and festive place to walk through on the way to work. It’s great to see people paying attention to our main downtown park and bringing a touch of beauty to the skyscraper zone.


Snow Scene

IMG_1635The snow came to Columbus big time today.  By tonight, the roads were snow-covered, and driving was slow going — even on the freeways.  But when I finally got home tonight, the snow-covered scene and our Christmas lights were pretty and festive and made me remember that Christmas is just over the horizon.

North Of Woods Christmas Lights, 2012

IMG_2198Many of our neighbors in the North of Woods section of New Albany have put up their holiday lights, and the neighborhood looks great.  Kish loves Christmas lights, and I agree with her — seeing the pretty displays in the morning and returning from work in the evening makes the world seem a bit more bright and cheerful.  I’ll be posting pictures of some of our neighbors’ colorful creations between now and Christmas.