Keeping The Lights On

We’ve got our holiday outdoor decorations up, and we’ve made the decision to keep the lights on 24/7, in an effort to make the holiday season a bit more merry.

We’re not alone in that sentiment. Our neighbors across the street and elsewhere on our block are doing the same, as are other households throughout German Village. It seems to be the same impulse we saw at Halloween: people appear to be a lot more focused on decorating during this crazy coronavirus year. It’s a way of thumbing our collective noses at the pandemic.

I like to see that feistiness.

All Lit Up

We’ve got our Christmas lights up, and they look very nice — so nice, in fact, that one of our neighbors came up to me and thanked us for making the street more festive.

The neighbor asked me if I had put up the lights.  I found this flattering, and funny.  My Christmas light-stringing days are well behind me, and there is no way I would flirt with  disaster and climb up a long ladder to get the lights up to the top of our tall tree.  I told the neighbor, without a hint of personal masculine embarrassment, that we had hired a service to put up the lights and were pleased with the job they had done.

In my book, if you want Christmas lights done right, hire a professional — one covered by the workers compensation laws.

North Of Woods Christmas Lights, 2012

IMG_2198Many of our neighbors in the North of Woods section of New Albany have put up their holiday lights, and the neighborhood looks great.  Kish loves Christmas lights, and I agree with her — seeing the pretty displays in the morning and returning from work in the evening makes the world seem a bit more bright and cheerful.  I’ll be posting pictures of some of our neighbors’ colorful creations between now and Christmas.