A City Tour Like No Other

Last night we took a city bus tour of Asheville, North Carolina. Normally I can’t stand city bus tours, which may be informative but typically are painfully dry. The Asheville tour, like Asheville itself, was a bit . . . different.

The Asheville tour is called the LaZoom Comedy Bus Tour, and it was hilarious. Our tour guide was the vivacious and hugely entertaining Augusta Wind —probably not her real name — who danced and wisecracked her way through the tour, strolled the bus, insulted a few Yankees, and managed to mix in a few Asheville historical facts, besides. She was delightful and fabulous.

Along the way the tour was invaded by curious characters who looked suspiciously similar. They included a scary and chronically misbehaving nun, who was then sighted engaging in various bits of naughtiness as the bus tour rolled on, Asheville’s superhero, the tipsy and pot-bellied Beer Man, and a mysterious levitating seer. And the tour helpfully included a midpoint rest stop where the passengers could buy a local brew.

In short, the LaZoom Comedy Bus Tour was a riot. If you’re in Asheville and in the mood for some fun, you’ve got to give it a shot.