Catch Phrase Fever

It’s hard to believe now that a show like Hogan’s Heroes was ever on the air. Can you imagine making a sitcom out of life in a German prisoner of war camp, where the Nazis were cowards and idiots who were easily duped by the crafty Colonel Hogan and one of the running gags was about sending the Germans to the Eastern Front?  Yet when I was a kid, Hogan’s Heroes was one of the most popular shows on TV, filled with catch phrases that kids used every day in school — whether it was Colonel Burkhalter’s “Dummkoff!” or Klink’s fist-shaking “Hogan!!!!!!” or — most often — Sergeant Schultz’s “I know nothing . . . nothing!”

I was disappointed to see that I couldn’t find a clip of Schultz’s “I know nothing!” on YouTube, but this still shot with the famous line being delivered is the next best thing.