My Friend, The Sculptor

IMG_1214If you do go to the Columbus Arts Festival this weekend, be sure to stop by the Cultural Arts Center and vote for the terracotta bust created by my friend, the Talmudic Sculptor.  His piece — which he’s left untitled, but which I think should be called Wide-Eyed Woman — is number 308 in the exhibition.  The CAC is having a kind of “people’s choice” vote and, as the T.S. mentioned, any vote for his creation is one more vote than he would have gotten otherwise.  (That kind of subtle wisdom is why he’s got the “T” in his name.)

The T.S. story is a pretty cool one.  He came to sculpture later in life, after a very successful career in law was well underway.  He found that he really enjoyed it and he has especially taken to it after his retirement.  I think he’s got real talent, and finding a new passion in retirement is something everyone should aspire to achieve.

Columbus Arts Festival 2016

IMG_1210The Columbus Arts Festival is here for the weekend.  Today, on a hot, sunny summer day, there were big crowds checking out the artist stalls and buying the food offerings.  There are some interesting offerings in just about every artistic discipline you can identify.

Be forewarned:  Shady spots were in short supply and much coveted.  Festival-goers will be happy when the small trees recently planted in the new sections of the Scioto Mile park grow up, leaf out and provide some relief from the sunshine on days like this.

The Gay Street Moonlight Market

Tonight is the latest Gay Street Moonlight Market.

IMG_3848It’s an opportunity for all of Columbus to come and see the coolest street in the downtown area, with the best food, the best restaurants, the best sidewalk vendors, the best shops, the best buildings, the best parking lot . . . and the coolest law firm, too, of course.  (The outside wall of our 68 building serves as the backdrop for the slide show projections.)

It’s part of the work of the Gay Street Collaborative.  The Moonlight Market takes places on the second Saturday of every month, with the brick-and-mortar businesses staying open for shopping and sidewalk vendors filling both sides of the street.  The first two Moonlight Markets did really well, and we Gay Streeters are hoping that the nice summer weather will bring even more people out tonight.

If you’re in downtown Columbus for the arts festival, stretch your legs, hoof it a few streets to the north, and check out Gay Street tonight.  I’m guessing you won’t be alone, and I’m betting your won’t be disappointed!

Artsy Fartsy

IMG_3825It’s the weekend of the Columbus Arts Festival, so for lunch today the Unkempt Guy, the Bus-Riding Conservative, and I walked down to the Riverfront to take in the show.  It was a cool day, but there was a good lunchtime crowd, music was playing, the scent of elephant ears was in the air, and there was lots of art to check out — ranging from paintings to folk art to sculpture to items that appeared to be made from hammered bottle caps.

The Arts Festival runs all weekend along the Scioto Mile, across the Scioto bridges and looping back again.  It’s worth a visit.

Ducks On The Mile

I should add that, as I walked along the Scioto Mile to the Columbus Arts Festival this morning, I ran across a mother duck who apparently had wandered out of the river with her ducklings.  She was fiercely protective of them — particularly when a dog trotted by — and tried to shield then behind a fence as I walked by.

Columbus Arts Festival 2012

After doing some work this morning I walked down to the Columbus Arts Festival. The 2012 Festival has moved back to its traditional location on the riverfront, and the relocation was an inspired decision.  There’s lots of room for artists’ booths, street food tents, seating, and three performance stages.  The booths and tents run along Civic Center Drive, cross the Scioto River on the Rich Street bridge, and then loop back across the river on the Main Street bridge.

The set-up gives the Festival a more airy and open feel than I found at last year’s Festival.  It also gives the visitor a chance to check out the Scioto Mile park area and cross Columbus’ two cool new downtown bridges, which are works of art in their own right.  The Rich Street bridge features an interesting series of buttress supports, and the Main Street bridge uses an unusual inclined arch superstructure and has a wide pedestrian walkway. I think the two bridges, the downtown buildings, and the Scioto Mile features do a really nice job of framing the Festival and making it a visually appealing venue for the artwork.

When I was at the Festival this morning there was lots of foot traffic and apparent purchases, some fine jazz being played at the main stage, and the heady smell of street food in the air.  The Festival runs until 10 p.m. tonight and from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. tomorrow.  If you’re in Columbus this weekend, it’s well worth a visit.

2011 Columbus Arts Festival

This weekend is the 50th Columbus Arts Festival.  The Festival is being held in the Discovery District neighborhood of downtown Columbus, adjacent to the Columbus College of Art & Design, the Columbus Museum of Art, and Columbus State Community College.  The area is just a few blocks down Gay Street from my office.  So, when I finished up with work a little after noon today, I walked down to have a look.

It was a brilliantly sunny day, and there was a large crowd.  The Festival is set up in a rectangular pattern around a two-block area, providing good foot traffic flow and making it easy to see all of the artist tents as well as the music and poetry stages, the food and drink areas, and the “hands on” activities that are being offered.  There was a wide variety of art on display and for sale — ranging from different styles of paintings, to some very interesting sculptures, to jewelry, to some distinctive kinds of folk art — and visitors were interested and, in some cases, buying.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time.  The only unpleasantness came when an officious woman who was manning a tent that sold painted ceramics came out and objected to my taking a picture, saying it could impair the value of the artist’s intellectual property.  (Sorry about that, lady!  Next time post a “No Photos” sign, and I promise I’ll avoid your “intellectual property” like the plague!)

The Arts Festival runs until 10 p.m. tonight, and from 11:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. tomorrow.  If you haven’t made a visit, it is well worth your time.  Just be careful with those cameras!