Outrage Anyone ?

As part of a House/Senate Compromise bill to avoid a government shutdown efforts by the Obama administration to take unhealthy foods out of school lunch programs by limiting starches and increasing fruits, vegetables and whole grains was thwarted by heavy lobbying from food companies that make frozen pizzas, the salt industry and potatoes growers. It looks as though pizza and french fries two of the biggest culprits of poor diet will remain on the menu.

Conservatives argued that the federal government shouldn’t be telling children what to eat and the regulation changes would be too costly. Having been a medical underwriter for a major insurance company for most of my career I can’t tell you the number of medical records I read where the doctor pointed to poor diet as a major reason some children have medical issues and are obese.

Besides, a child is most likely still going to get their french fries and pizza when they aren’t a school so why make it available when they are in school. Too costly – this is a preventative effort – what about the medical costs the child will most likely incur later in life which will lead to higher healthcare costs.

Here’s a short video I was able to find on the internet that points out some of the major medical issues confronting children. It from a summit on childhood obesity at the University of Maryland.

Mission Readiness a group of retired military generals opposed the changes to keep pizza and french fries on lunch menus citing poor nutrition in schools as a national security issue with obesity in young adults being the leading reason of disqualification for military service.

It never ceases to amaze me that 9% of the country think Congress is doing a good job – well I am not one of them. A group of baboons are called a Congress – yep that I can agree with !