“What Is Webner?”

Our Word Press blog website provides us with lots of information, including reports on what searches people conducted that ultimately found our little blog.  One of the more common searches apparently is “What is Webner?”

IMG_3077What is Webner, indeed?  I thought the answer would be obvious:  Webner is the name of that charming and witty family that originally hails from Ohio but now is spread across the land.  It turns out, however, that the answer is not quite so simple.  We know, already, that there is a somewhat hardscrabble Webner Park located next to an expressway in Revere, Massachusetts.  There’s also a Webner Place in Palm Coast, Florida, near St. Augustine.  It’s a short, palm tree-lined street on which several houses are for sale, in a subdivision where every street starts with “Web” — the other street names are Webster Lane, Webster Place, Webb Lane, Weber Lane, Webwood Place, and Webelo Place.  (Pretty clever!)

More intriguingly, there appears to be a computer product made by Cisco called a “Webner.”   Apparently it’s a kind of hardware system called a “driver.”  I’m not sure exactly what that is, but it definitely sounds good — like a piece of cutting-edge technology that is part of the world-changing communications revolution, a device that spurs people onward and moves things forward to an ultimate, satisfactory resolution.  I can just imagine an IT nerd taking a look at a complicated computer set-up, running a scan with a complicated, beeping diagnostic tool, removing his glasses, rubbing his eyes, saying “I think we can fix this problem by installing a new Webner” and then calling someone on his iPhone 8 prototype and saying:  “We need a new Webner, stat!”

Of course, if you type “what is Webner?” into your Google search engine, after the inevitable Wikipedia “Weber” entry, the first thing you see is “Webner House.”  If that’s how you’ve found us, welcome!