Seeing Seger, 35 Long Years Later

Tomorrow night Kish and I and a bunch of our friends are going to see Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band at Nationwide Arena.

The show is supposed to be good, at least according to this review of Seger’s Ypsilanti, Michigan concert published in the Morning Sun newspaper.   It’s going to be kind of weird to see the concert, however, because I went to see Bob Seger when he came to Columbus in, I’m guessing, 1976.  He played either Vets’ Memorial or Mershon Auditorium.  As I recall, it was a good show — which is not surprising.  This is a guy who has been playing rock ‘n’ roll for years.  Songs like Katmandu and Night Moves and Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll are classics.  And, I also have to like any Midwestern musical artist named Bob, even if he was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

What’s weird is when I think of how much I have changed since that concert in 1976.  If my current self were somehow able to meet my 1976 self, I would probably think I was a real jerk.  Given how much I’ve changed in the 35 (!) intervening years, how can Bob Seger possibly be performing, with the same fervor, the same songs he wrote so long ago?  You have to hand it to him.