A Cool Morning’s Glory

Imagine our delight when Penny and I stepped outside at 5 a.m. this morning and it was . . . cool.  Magnificently, delightfully cool!

After weeks of oppressive temperatures, scalding days and hot, sticky nights, the cool, fresh air was glorious to experience.  I’m guessing that the overnight temperature had dipped into the mid-50s.  It was like a shot of some ultra-powerful energy drink to feel the slight chill on the skin and hairs on my arms.  We moved quickly through the crisp air, our pace keeping us comfortably warm, looking with pleasure at the stars and constellations etched brilliantly in the dark, clear skies.

By the end of the walk, with rose-fingered dawn just peeking over the eastern horizon, I happily realized that, for the first time in weeks, my shirt was not wringing wet with sweat at the end of our walk.  After our journey through the welcome chill, my hot cup of coffee tastes especially good.