Please, Read Our Nephew’s Scholarly Paper!

Our nephew, Andrew, is attending divinity school, and he’s apparently reached a kind of crisis point.

He’s busy writing papers for his classes, and he’s wondering whether anyone will ever read them — or for that matter will ever care about what he thinks.

So, on his Facebook page, Andrew has posted one of his scholarly papers and invited comment.  The paper is available to all here.  It’s called The Primal Force of New Testament Composition:  Existential Dread.  It’s about the New Testament, the historical Jesus, existential dread, igneous and sedimentary rock, and other scholarly concepts that fit pretty well in  the context of this holiday season.

I don’t want this budding religious scholar and social activist to feel like his hard work is for naught.  So what do you say, Webner House readers?  Is anyone out there willing to tackle this scholarly paper and let our nephew know that his work actually has been read by living, breathing humans?