The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

IMG_0575I like having Kasey around the house.  She keeps things interesting, and she keeps the old boring guy on his toes.  But, there’s something about her that is very embarrassing.  It’s almost too embarrassing to even talk about.

Kasey joined the pack only a while ago.  I’m not sure what kind of upbringing she had.  I don’t think she learned much about refinement or how to behave in polite canine society.  She’s probably a country dog, and she just isn’t very sophisticated.

When I first saw Kasey do it, I was shocked.  I hoped that she wouldn’t do it again, but then she did, again and again.  Then I hoped that no one would notice.  But the other day Young Master was taking us for a walk, and he saw Kasey do it.  He was disgusted, and I don’t blame him.

You see, Kasey eats . . . dog poop.

Can you imagine!  How embarrassing!  Every self-respecting dog knows you roll in poop, not eat it!  I guess I’m going to have to teach her some manners.