Death To Door-To-Door Salesmen!

OK, that’s a bit of an overstatement — but only a bit.  Few things are more irritating than arriving home from a hard day’s work and seeing salesmen prowling the neighborhood, ready to disturb your solitude and send your dogs into a barking frenzy.

IMG_6181Tonight the salesmen were from AT&T U-verse.  Before I could shut the garage door one of them had scampered up to my driveway and was shouting, “Hello!  Is this where I can get my dinner?”  Huh?  What the heck does that mean?  But rather than have the guy ring the doorbell and catapult Penny and Kasey into a nerve-jangling barkathon, I said hello and asked what he wanted.  When he said he was from AT&T, I said we were on Verizon and didn’t want to change.  When he said he wasn’t trying to sell cellphone service, I said we had no land-line phone.  When he said he just wanted to tell me about AT&T U-verse’s upgraded, bundled cable/internet/phone service, I said I wasn’t interested.

Of course, no salesman ever takes no for an answer.  The guy kept asking me questions about our current provider and acting like all of our neighbors had switched over to AT&T U-verse and we were idiots for not letting him waste 15 minutes of our time with his sales pitch.  Much as I respect and admire our neighbors — thanks again for the beer last night, Dave and Amy! — we’re not going to make cable and internet decisions based on what they have done.  I kept saying no, not interested, and he kept pitching — so finally I had to be conclusive, say “no” with more vehemence, and shut the garage door in his face.  I was trying to be polite, but he wouldn’t let me.

Guess what?  AT&T U-verse has come through our neighborhood before.  And, they had already stopped at our house today, when Kish told them we aren’t interested.  The fact that they troubled us, twice, after we told them we were not interested is unforgivable.  Hey, AT&T — stick it!  I will NEVER buy your service now.  Stop bothering us!

Dealing With The Annoying Door-To-Door Salesman

They call the presidency the bully pulpit because the President’s visibility and stature allows him, to a significant extent, to set the nation’s agenda.  I wonder, however, whether President Obama hasn’t abused the bully pulpit with his constant drum-beating on health care.  Every poll shows that a large majority of the American people don’t want the overreaching, budget-busting, “health care reform” bill that was passed by the Senate, but the President just doesn’t seem to get the message.

Today, President Obama left Washington D.C. to make yet another speech on health care reform.  It is hard to believe he has anything new to say — and he hasn’t.  Sure, he’s set another arbitrary, unilateral deadline for Congress to act on the bill, but he’s done that countless times before.

It is as if President Obama is trying to wear people down, like a persistent vacuum cleaner salesman who has stuck his foot in the door and just won’t leave until he has tried every possible trick to get you to buy an expensive contraption that you have said, repeatedly, that you don’t really want and can’t really afford.  Sometimes polite efforts to get rid of the annoying salesman just don’t work.  Perhaps it is finally time for voters to tell their elected representatives to slam the door.