Searching, Again, For The Most Interesting Dog In The World!

Russell’s dog Betty still has a lot of puppy in her, and taking her for a walk is a bit of an adventure. Every glimpse of another dog — regardless of age, breed, size, or whether they’re wearing one of those embarrassing head cones — puts Betty on full sensory alert and causes her to immediately begin panting and lunging forward in total sled dog mode. The other dogs are obviously the most fascinating things in the world. In German Village, which has more dogs out walking at any given moment than any other location in the free world, that means the Bettywalker is constantly trotting, arm extended and leash pulled taut, toward one dog or another. For Betty, only squirrels can rival other dogs as an attention-getter.

Imagine what it would be like if humans reacted in this way, treating every other person like they were The Most Interesting Man In The World in the Dos Equis commercials and making a beeline to every stranger you see on the street to give them a heavy-breathing, up-close-and-personal once-over. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad humans are a bit more diffident about other members of their species.

Hey, a squirrel!

The Most Interesting Man

When I was doing this morning’s post, I couldn’t remember whether the Dos Equis ads referred to the Most Fascinating Man in the World, or to the Most Interesting Man in the World.  (I did remember, however, that he says at the end “Stay thirsty, my friends!”)

So, I did what every modern American would do — ran a Google search — and stumbled across this website that has 100 of the best “Most Interesting Man” lines.  They’re all pretty funny, but 1, 27, and 52 are among my favorites.

In a world filled with mind-numbingly similar ads that either leave no impression or are affirmatively annoying — like the Jake from State Farm spot — you have to give credit to whatever Madison Avenue wizard came up with the Most Interesting Man in the World.  It’s a classic.