Downtown Dog

IMG_6541When I took Kasey for a walk to the office today I figured that downtown wouldn’t be a very interesting place for a dog, but of course I was wrong.  There are a number of people who live in downtown Columbus, and many of them enjoy the company of Man’s Best Friend.  We encountered a number of these downtown dogs on our walk today — and there is only one thing more interesting to dogs than other dogs.

That one thing, of course, is food — and there too Kasey hit a home run on today’s little adventure, because the Columbus Food Truck Festival is still going on.  That meant there were lots of interesting little splots and spills on the sidewalks that required close and thorough olfactory inspection and a random nibble or two.

Interestingly, Kasey really liked frolicking on the Ohio Statehouse grounds.  Maybe she just likes the smell of politicians.