Splashing Back Against Public Pissing

If you’ve ever walked past a wall, smelled the foul odor of urine, and realized that you are walking through an area where some drunken lout recently emptied his bladder, you’ll sympathize with the efforts of a city council in London, England.  They’ve put up with the disgusting nature of the offensive conduct, they’ve patrolled the problem areas and fined violators, but they’ve nevertheless had to spend thousands of dollars each year cleaning up urine-soaked areas around pubs and bars.

6707328All of which raises the question:  is there any way to get the jerks to stop marking their territory in public in the first place?

Enter the creation of an “anti-pee” wall that is being tested in Hackney, which is one of the problem areas .  The wall is treated with a liquid-repelling coating that is designed to splash the jackasses who engage in public urination.  The hope is that sloshed offenders who find themselves coated with their own urine might just stop hosing down the walls.  And, in further hopes of deterring public pissing, the city council has announced the “anti-pee” treatment of two walls but hasn’t told anyone where those walls are.

It will be interesting to see whether this works — but I have my doubts.  I’m guessing that most of the oafs who engage in the churlish behavior are so blitzed that they aren’t really paying careful attention to hygiene.  If you’re so drunk that you engage in public urination rather than finding a bathroom, aren’t you probably too drunk to notice that you’re getting sprayed?