Sam . . . BAM!

If you like high-flying dunks — and what red-blooded American doesn’t? — Sam Thompson of Ohio State is your man.  This guy is just an amazing athlete, who is capable of jumping and soaring and doing things with his body that normal folks wouldn’t even dream of doing.

Thompson had a jaw-dropping dunk after catching a slightly errant alley-oop pass in Ohio State’s recent win over Nebraska, and it caused the Big Ten Network to prepare a compilation of his dunks that is a joy to watch.  How can you not revel in an extraordinarily talented athlete showing what amazing things great athletes can do?

Some people have real athletic ability; most of us don’t.  Those of us who have trouble achieving a vertical leap of six inches can only watch studs like Sam Thompson, and wonder what it must be like to soar and slip the surly bonds of Earth.

A Beautiful Buckeye Dunk

This year’s Buckeye basketball team has to be the deepest and most athletic team Thad Matta has put on the court during his time at Ohio State.  One of the more spectacular athletes is Sam Thompson, who seems like he could jump out of the gym if he really put his mind to it.

Thompson, who is just a freshman, has had some astonishing dunks this year.  Here’s a personal favorite that occurred at Indiana.  Of course, the Hoosiers came back to win the game — but Thompson’s capabilities should make all Ohio State fans feel pretty good about next year.