The Entertainers

Tonight Kish and I throw our first party in our new house.  It’ll be a family affair, kicking off a weekend where uncles and cousins and sons and daughters gather to remember my mother.

Even though the guest list in this instance is limited to relatives, entertaining always brings a surge of angst — and particularly so when the event will be the first time your partygoers see your new home.  Obviously, we want it to look nice, so there has been a lot of shifting things around and moving “accent pieces” from here to there.  And because we’re planning to use our backyard as the prime gathering spot, we’re wondering whether Mother Nature will cooperate with some warm dry weather, too.

We want our family members to like our new place.  Having an ample supply of their favorite liquor on hand for tonight’s activities should help to achieve that goal.

A Signature Drink For The Evening


We’re entertaining this weekend, and we’ve got some decisions to make.

What should we serve for dinner?  What might we offer as interesting appetizers?  Does the house look even moderately presentable?  Should we kick Penny and Kasey out to make sure they don’t ruin the night?

The biggest question, though, is:  what should be the “signature drink” that we offer to our guests?

Some time ago Kish decided we should always have a signature drink at the ready when we entertain, and it was an inspired decision on her part.  Some offerings have been hugely successful, others less so.  (Cosmopolitan variations tend to earn rave reviews, but dirty martinis seem to be an acquired taste.)  Whether the signature drink is a hit or a dud, however, the availability of a special concoction adds a festive air to our special evenings.

Over the next few days, Kish will be pondering this crucial issue: what should be poured from the classic Dr. Grams’ Grandmother’s Medicine shot glass?  Any suggestions are welcome.

Entertainment, Tonight

We’re having some old friends over for dinner tonight.  (Old in the sense that we’ve been friends for decades, although they admittedly are getting a bit long in the tooth, too.)

The house is all spiffed up, the rooms have been painted, and artwork has been hung on the walls.  Food is in the oven, wine is on the center island of the kitchen, and the garden has been raided for some huge and colorful blooms.  Webner House has put on her party dress for some Friday night festivity.