Hole In My Shoe

You only discover a hole in your shoe on a rainy day.

IMG_3506It happened to me this morning, on a bleak day when the rain was pelting down, pitting the wet streets, and water was sluicing down the gutters.  I was struggling with two balky and miserable dogs, their two leashes, a tiny, windblown umbrella, and a bag full of dog poop that needed to be tied off when I sensed an unwelcome flow of moisture into my right heel.  Soon my sock was sodden, and by the time we made the last turn for home my foot was soaked and each step was like pressing down onto a wet sponge.

Curiously, my shoe had a hole in the heel rather than the sole, which is where the failure typically occurs.  How that happened is anybody’s guess.  But the location of the hole, really, makes no difference.  The key point is that a shoe with a hole in it is perfectly serviceable on dry days; it’s only when you need the fully functional shoe most desperately that the defect presents itself.  In that sense, a shoe with a hole in it is like a fair-weather friend.