On The Fence

IMG_6375I’ve never lived in a house that had a fence before, but there’s a first time for everything — and I’m finding that I really like it.

In the backyard our fence is wooden.  In the front it is wrought iron, with a cool swinging gate that features of the shield of the fence’s manufacturer, the Stewart Iron Works of Cincinnati, Ohio.  (I did a Google search for the company, and to my surprise it still exists and continues to make wrought iron fences and furniture, as it has done for 150 years.)

IMG_6373The front fence is entirely ornamental, in the sense that it isn’t there for security but rather to add to the aesthetics of the place.  I like it for that reason, but I especially like the swinging gate where the Stewart Iron Works shield is found.  After almost 100 years, it operates perfectly, and I find myself enjoying the simplicity of its design, which allows the gate to swing freely without squeaking and close by itself, with no need for springs.  The de facto latch is especially cool — a small depression in the fence that marries up to a free standing tongue of iron on the gate.

For me the gate serves a a different aesthetic purpose.  When I arrive at the gate after the end of a workday, depress the iron tongue, and watch the entrance swing open, it’s like the door to my evening officially has opened, my own private little sanctuary has been reached, and the workday truly has ended.

The Three-Day Weekend Fence Line

IMG_2111It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in New Albany, smack dab in the middle of a glorious three-day weekend.  As we contemplate what to do with all of this fabulous free time on a beautiful day, we’re like the traveler trying to decide which path and fence line to follow.

Me?  After taking care of some work, I think there’s grilling and a craft beer in my future.