At The Fight Factory, In Downtown Columbus

IMG_3829The Unkempt Guy, the Bus-Riding Conservative, and I had unquestionably the best HJ lunch ever today.  It was a voyage of discovery, with a new revelation seemingly around every corner, as we walked through downtown Columbus.

For example, who knew that, in a nondescript building on a nondescript street in downtown Columbus, a full-fledged boxing gym has been created?

IMG_3830As we were walking past, the Unkempt Guy — with admirable curiosity — asked some guys hanging around outside what was in the building.  The friendly fellows invited us to take a tour of the gym, where we found a ring, a wall of boxing photos, heavy bags, speed bags, a round bag suitable for work on uppercuts, and just about everything a boxer might need except a tuxedo-clad guy saying “let’s get ready to rummmmmbbbblllllleeee!” into a microphone that falls from the ceiling.

What’s more, the BRC and I got to enjoy the unforgettable image of the Unkempt Guy trading a few shadowboxing jabs with a clean-cut young man who aspires to be a champion some day.  I’m guessing the Unkempt One may have had some Rocky-like experience in his youth.

Seriously . . . who knew there was a boxing gym downtown?  It’s called Fight Factory, and it’s located at 15 West Cherry Street in the heart of downtown Columbus.  Very cool!

Downtown Columbus keeps getting more and more interesting.