Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Fire Pit


I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of our backyard fire pit.  I like the zen of it, and the minute adjustments that make up tending a fire.  As I listen to my Empty Nest playlist and watch the fire consume logs and make them vanish into smoke and embers, I am struck by the beauty and violence and mystery of it.

I feel like I could sit out here and watch it for hours.

Car On Fire

Today I was driving back from Cleveland when I saw something I’ve never seen before:  a car on the side of the highway, burning fiercely.

Fortunately, everyone appeared to be out of the car.  Still, it was an unnerving sight.  The car was engulfed in huge orange flames, and the interior was an inferno.  Thick, greasy black smoke billowed up from the remnants of the vehicle and was visible for miles around.  We passed by after the initial police car had arrived, but before the fire trucks had reached the scene.

I was amazed that cars were blithely driving past, some moving over only one lane before shooting past.  Me, I got over as far as I could and kept my fingers crossed that whatever was left in the gas tank didn’t explode as I went by.

You don’t really think about it, but apparently your car can quickly turn into a tinder box, and the dashboard and the seats, the carpeting and the side panels, will burn like crazy if given the chance.  Just another thing to worry about during your morning commute.