Sky And Sea


There is a float plane dock across the street from our hotel in Vancouver. When I was down at wharfside this afternoon one of the planes taxied along the water, reached skimming speed, then took off over the top of one of the freighters in the Burrard Inlet. Very cool, and fun to watch — although I’m not sure I’d want to be one of the passengers.

The Fun Of Float Planes

When we got to the dock on Lake Temagamito unload our gear, we got a treat:  a chance to see a bright yellow, single engine float plane rev up the engine to maximum velocity (and volume) and take off.  It’s the kind of sight a ground-bound flatlander who lives far away from the nearest large lake won’t soon forget.

It was very cool to see the plane sending up spray as it bounced across the surface of the lake, until the pontoons finally cleared the water and the plane then rose up and over the trees on the shoreline.  I found myself consciously pulling for the pilot to make it, even though the plane has probably done so countless times.  Go, baby, go!

I’m not sure I’d want to fly in a float plane as a matter of course — without some form of ear protection, at least — but it was sure was fun to watch it take off.