IMG_5846After our most recent snowfall, I’ve stuck to plowed roads on my morning walks. This morning, however, I ventured forth onto the wholly unplowed Yantis Loop walking path.

It was tough going, with heavy crust on the crest of the snow and shoes breaking through and sinking deep into the snowpack. I knew it could be done, however, because I was following the tracks of two intrepid walkers who had blazed a trail before me. I followed their frozen footsteps all along the path — and then as I approached the bridge I saw that another visitor had also made its mark, but heading in an entirely different direction.

That’s life for you, I thought.

Snow Tracks Sunrise

IMG_2803It’s very cold here this morning, with the temperature in the teens as dawn is breaking.  That kind of cold tends to keep people indoors, so when Penny, Kasey, and I took our morning walk we saw no one else out on the path.  As we trudged along on our solitary journey, I was struck by these footprints in the snow, looking as if they were heading toward the sunrise in search of some warmth.