Saturday Night Concert

I can’t think of anything better to do on a comfortable clear summer night in Columbus, Ohio than to enjoy an outdoor concert at Lifestyle Pavilion with a couple of friends. What a great venue for a concert !

So thanks to my friend Courtney we had box seats to see Ray LaMontagne (the g is silent) and the Pariah Dogs on Saturday. Never heard of Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs ? No problem neither had the three of us (a fifty something, a forty something and a thirty something), but the rest of Columbus must have heard of him because the place was packed.

Per Wiki Ray was a tutor in Maine, until he woke up one morning at 4 a.m. and while getting ready to go to work he heard the Steven Sills song “Treetop Flyer” on the radio. After he bought the album he decided he wanted to become a singer song writer and he has become a pretty good one at that.

A little research on the internet revealed that the song he is most well known for is “Trouble” (the background song for the commercial where the dog takes his bone to the bank) and his musical genre is listed as folk blues. I particularly liked one of the songs he played called “For the Summer”.

I think it is fair to say that this thirty seven year old is not your typical musician of this day and age. He reminds me quite a bit of folk music singers from the late sixties or the early seventies. His music is very mellow and laid back which gets your toes a tapping, but at times leaves you wishing for a song or two that is a little more up tempo.

The man himself seemed to be quite shy as I can’t remember his interacting with the audience in attendance much other than to say thank you a few of times for their applause. If you like bands that are a little bit different and you get the opportunity to do so I would definitely recommend seeing this band at least once.