Dinin’ Hall Is Very Cool

The Street Thyme truck at Dinin’ Hall

Dr. Science is legendary for picking great new places to try for lunch.  Today he didn’t disappoint.  The good Doctor, the Bus-Riding Conservative and I decided to check out Dinin’ Hall, and it was an inspired choice.

The interior dining area at Dinin’ Hall

Dinin’ Hall is a terrific idea.  It’s located in Franklinton, just over the Scioto River from downtown Columbus, at 400 West Rich Street.  From the outside, it looks like old industrial property — a brick building next to a railroad bridge, a loading dock, and a parking lot.  Then you notice that there are tables and chairs inside the loading dock room and food trucks in the parking lot.  Every day a new combination of food trucks, identified on the Dinin’ Hall website, serves the food.  You choose your food truck and place your order, take your bill inside to pay, wait until your food is delivered, and chow down.

What a great concept!  Take some unused or underused property where the rents are low and turn it into a place where you can get a variety of that fabulous food truck food — and yes, Ajumama and Green Meanie are two of the food trucks that make a regular appearance — and interact with other people from town.  No wonder the Dinin’ Hall motto is “Great Food, Great Space, Great Community.”

My excellent Street Thyme burger and tots

Today, on a beautiful early summer day, the options were Street Thyme and Freedom a la Cart.  Street Thyme offers some fabulous burgers; I had the State Street Standard double burger and some BBQ spiced tater tots and Dr. Science had the CBUS Sweet Heat double burger.  My burger — served blazing hot off the grill with onions, arugula, thyme aioli, and good old America cheese, substituting some bacon for the standard marinated tomatoes — was juicy and spectacular and the dusted tots were just the right complement with just the right kick.  The BRC went for a beef sandwich and cheesy grits from Freedom a la Cart and raved about them.  His choice also resulted in him being interviewed by a two-man film crew that was doing a story on Freedom a la Cart.

That’s the Columbus Food Truck World for you — you never know what you’re going to get, but you can be pretty sure it’s going to be good.