A Flatiron Friday

For, oh, about 20 years now I’ve been periodically going to the Flatiron Bar & Diner on Nationwide Boulevard in Columbus.

The Flatiron bar on a Friday afternoon

Sometimes I go to the Flatiron for lunch, and when I do — curse my predictability! — I get their exceptionally good cheeseburger.  Sometimes, on a Friday afternoon, I’ll stop by to drink a beer and eat some peanuts with friends.  It is a great place, with fine food, friendly folks, and a never-ending supply of cold beer and peanuts.

Today, with the Buckeyes playing a late game, it was a perfect Flatiron Friday.  I stopped and had a beer, cracked a few peanuts, and thoroughly discussed the Buckeyes-Wildcats game, the Tressel situation, and other topics equally crucial to the future of civilization as we know it.  Now I’m ready for tonight’s game, and for the weekend to follow.