An Elf Gets Into The Game

I’m not a gamer, and I’ve never played the Madden NFL football game, but I still got a laugh out of the glitch in the latest version of the game, called Madden NFL 15.

The height of one player, for the Tennessee Titans, was mistakenly listed at 1 foot, 2 inches.  That means that when he shows up in the game, he’s about at calf height compared to the other players.  However, he still has all of the mannerisms of a fully grown player, like the swagger and the “you didn’t convert on third down” signal.  The results are hysterical.  It’s as if an elf — and not one the size of Will Ferrell — entered the game and then tried to play it straight.

When you see the footage with the tiny player, which is shown on the link above, you can also imagine him talking to the other players in a squeaky, high-pitched voice:  “Hey, I’m down here!  Look at me!  C’mon, pass the ball to me.  Wait up!  Hey, wait up!”  They ignore him, of course.

Perhaps it’s the non-gamer in me, but playing the game with the little sprite seems a lot more interesting than playing the game with regular-sized players.