New Fountain At Schiller Park Pond

The German Village Society has installed a new fountain at the Schiller Park pond.  The new fountain is just in time to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the park itself — and to greet the visitors coming to our neighborhood for today’s Haus und Garten Tour.

In my view, the new fountain is definitely an improvement.  And the assorted ducks and geese that hang out at the pond seem to like it, too.

People Power (II)

IMG_6846It’s always encouraging to see private citizens come together, on their own, to invest their own time, energy, and sweat equity in making their communities just a little bit better.  On our walk today, Kish and I saw another example of this heartening phenomenon — in this case, a volunteer group that works on recrafting the signature brick sidewalks of German Village.  The sign at the top right of the above photograph reads:

“The German Village Society is committed to working with homeowners to improve the neighborhood sidewalks.  You are standing on a sidewalk repaired by a dozen volunteers!”

The sidewalk looks great, and I give a hand and a nod to the German Village Society.  I’d love to see volunteer groups working on weeding some of the sidewalks and devil strips, too — and I would be happy to lend a hand.