Girl Scout Cookies, Here And Gone

IMG_3178Today we got our order of Girl Scout Cookies, and it made me think that girl scout cookies must be the strangest product ever marketed.

What other product do you buy primarily because of guilt?  That eager, fresh-faced girl from the neighborhood shows up at the front door, and you feel that you just have to buy something from her or you’re not a real American.  This year, it was six boxes of the cookies.

And then, as soon as the cookies are delivered to your house, you try to figure out the quickest way to get them out of the house.  This year, Kish decreed that when the cookies came we need to get the Thin Mints, Shortbreads, and Samoas out of the temptation zone.  So, some of the boxes will be shipped out to Richard, some to Russell, and some will make their way to the coffee station on the 5th floor of the 68 building, where the ravenous secretaries and attorneys would consume just about anything dusted in sugar or coated in chocolate.