Lunch At The Goody Boy

One of the most iconic signs in Columbus is that of Michael’s Goody Boy Drive-In, located in a transitional neighborhood at the northern edge of the Short North.  It’s a neon classic, with a tow-headed kid eying a big cheeseburger.  Even though I’ve lived in Columbus for decades, I’ve never been to the Goody Boy — until today.

The Wrestling Fan and I were up in that area so he could run an errand, and we decided to stop to see what the Goody Boy had to offer.  On the inside there’s a bar and a large, open seating area with the kinds of ’50s signage you’d expect from a diner.  I had a cheeseburger and fries, pictured above; the Fan had the fish sandwich special.  The cheeseburger was a half-pound of beefy, cheesy goodness, and the fries were hand-cut and well seasoned.  The Fan didn’t comment on his fish sandwich, which was huge — but that probably was because he was too busy gobbling it down to mutter any words of praise.

The cost of my sandwich?  Less than $10.  The Wrestling Fan and I agreed that we would be back.