I Hate Hangers!

After careful consideration, and a weekend of putting away clothing, I’ve decided:  I hate hangers.

I hate the cheap, thin wire hangers we get from the dry cleaners, the ones that can’t bear the weight of a gnat without bending.  I hate the bulky plastic hangers that you often get when you buy a suit, with the black plastic top that is wide enough to land aircraft on.  I hate the wooden hangers that Penny has chewed on.  I hate the snap shut hangers, with their plastic slats that long ago lost their ability to securely hold a woman’s skirt.  I hate the poofy, satiny hangers that Kish bought that are supposed to look posh but have short hooks that make them a pain to hang.  And, more than anything, I hate it when hangers get tangled up and you can’t pull one out without others coming with it and falling to the floor.

I recognize that hangers serve an important function.  Forget about mousetraps, though — can’t anyone build a better hanger?