That Old Wooden Floor

Our kitchen up here has a hardwood floor that is likely original to the house.  It’s one of the features of our little cottage that I like the most.

A wooden floor typically tells a story.  This one certainly does, even though we can’t know all of the details.  It’s been burnished to a warm glow by the tread of thousands of footprints.  It bears some visible scars that attest to its hardiness and longevity.  You notice them when you sweep and have to adjust the broom and angle the dustpan to make sure you extricate the sweepings from those little nicks and marks.  Something was dropped long ago that left that gouge, and something was dragged to leave that scratch, but the floor carries on.  In time the fresh marks have been softened and assimilated into its appealing patina.

We know that other parts of the house were carpeted at some time or another; we pulled up some of that carpeting after we bought the place because we like the hardwood floors better.  I suspect the kitchen has always featured these same, plain floorboards, however. 

Wooden floor and carpeting have a different vibe.  Carpets are softer on the feet, and more luxurious, and reflect a decorator’s touch.  Hardwood floor are straightforward and no-nonsense.  Carpets cover things up.  When a carpet gets old and worn and discolored, it is removed and replaced.  The old story of a place is thrown out, and when the new carpet is laid a new story begins to be written — until that carpet, too, gets pulled up and discarded, and the cycle starts over again. 

The hardwood floor, meanwhile, endures.     

Chair Socks To The Rescue

We have hardwood floors in the upstairs of our home, but it’s a “soft” hardwood — the kind that can get scratched and pockmarked without too much effort.  Sure, that’s part of what gives a house that’s more than a century old some of its charm, but we’d like to hold the dents  to a minimum.

IMG_2653This poses a quandary, because most of the products that are designed to avoid scuffs and scratches are a pain in the butt.  The big problem is chairs, which are, by definition, designed to come into regular contact with those floors.  We’ve tried two approaches to chair leg floor protection, and each has its frustrations.

One product provides a kind of saucer that you place under the chair legs, with a fuzzy surface that it supposed to come into contact with the floor and slide rather than scratch.  The problem with this product is that if you lift the chair legs — to, say, scoot closer to a table or desk — they come off the saucers, and you’re constantly repositioning.  The other option is sticky circles of various sizes, with adhesive on one side and that fuzzy, sliding surface on the other.  The sticky side is supposed to adhere to the chair legs.  The problem with that product occurs with chairs that are moved regularly.  Eventually, the friction loosens the adhesive, or the adhesive dries out, and the circle falls off.  We’re constantly replacing them.

Enter the chair sock.  Kish spotted them at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gleeful Retiree, found them on the internet, and they work like a charm.  They’re pulled up the chair leg like regular socks, and they slide on the floor like a charm.  No more repositioning, and no more replacing!  The chair socks are a godsend.

Now, if only they don’t get lost in the washer.

The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

I am a good dog.  I really am.  I am a faithful member of the pack.  I guard the house and patrol the perimeter.  I keep an eye on Kasey and try to keep her out of trouble.  I am good company for the Leader, too.

IMG_4797_2So why do the Leader and the old boring guy keep moving into places that have these terrible things?  When I saw these yesterday, I said:  “Oh no!  Not again!”  But when I saw our pack’s things here, I knew I was stuck.

I hate these slippery and slidey things.  I even hate them more than I hate cats, or that mean dog that tried to bite Kasey once.  When I try to walk on these things, I feel like I am on an icy pond.  I am afraid that my paws and legs are going to go shooting out sideways and I am going to fall on my chin.

Why oh why did we come here?  You know, I bet the old boring guy had something to do with this.  But I’ll teach him a lesson.  I won’t go up them, period.  At night, I’ll just sit at the bottom and whimper and bark.  Ha, ha!  Good luck getting some sleep, old boring guy!

The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

Something big has happened to our pack. I mean, really big! Yesterday the Leader took Kasey and me to a new place that we have never seen before — but some of our things were there. I’m not sure, but I think we might be staying here.

I don’t know why we left our old place. It’s the only house I’ve lived in. I liked it there. I miss it already.IMG_4277

I have to admit that this new place has some interesting smells.  Kasey and I have had some fun exploring.  But I hate this thing about our new place — the stairs and the floors.  The stairs are way too tall, and I have to really jump to get up them.  And the floors are just too slippery and slidey for me.  Who wants to be slipping and sliding everywhere?

But our whole pack is here — even the old boring guy.  Kasey and I like it best when we are together, wherever we are.  And our food is here, too.  That is a good thing, because with all this slipping and sliding I am hungry!