2013 New Albany Walking Classic

This morning is the ninth annual New Albany Walking Classic.  It’s the largest walking-only race in the United States and one of the signature events of Healthy New Albany.  You’ll see the intense, heel-toe, Olympic-style walkers bouncing along at breakneck pace, followed by the measured gait of dedicated walking club members, and finally the casual walkers out for a nice stroll past a golf course and through a pretty suburban neighborhood.

IMG_4855The course also goes right by our North of Woods neighborhood, which means we’re blocked in for the duration of the event.  On our walk this morning we saw that the signs were up, the orange directional cones were in place, and the guys scurrying around on golf carts were doing whatever it is they do.

This year — rather than runing the risk of another silly confrontation with overly officious Boy Scout leaders bent on preventing me from driving out of the neighborhood before the event even begins, as has happened in years past — I got up extra early, moved my car to a safe parking place away from the walking course, and walked back to feed the dogs and take them for our morning jaunt.

Let the Walking Classic begin!