Hoping For More Heckling

I’m not generally a fan of heckling, except when I am.  Take, for example, the pointed questions being posed to Anthony Weiner, who has launched an ill-advised campaign for Mayor of New York City.

What a surprise!  Some people think Weiner — the jerky former Congressman who tried to intimidate and lie his way out of a sexting scandal — is unfit to lead America’s most important city.  It’s hilarious that Weiner wants people to focus on his “ideas.”  How about this for an idea:  New Yorkers are entitled to a Mayor who isn’t a bald-faced liar.

The Politicker report linked above reports that the New Yorkers attending a candidate’s forum posed two really good questions:  first, why is it that every candidate for Mayor of New York City needs to apologize; and second, why don’t people like Weiner who have had their chance and disgraced themselves have the decency to get out of the way and let some new voices be heard?  I think those are eminently fair questions.  I hope New Yorkers keep asking those questions, again and again and again, until Anthony Weiner does the decent thing and slinks back into the anonymity he so richly deserves.


The Heckler

Last night, while watching the Buckeyes battle Northwestern on the hard court, I watched a hairless referee botch another call.  I could restrain myself no longer.  I stood up from my seat and yelled:  “Hey Baldy!  Get your head out of your ass!”

Kish was shocked, and perhaps neighboring fans were, too.  She yanked me down and pleaded that I never do that again.  In particular, she said, I should never comment on someone’s physical appearance.

I’m sorry that I called Old Chrome Dome “Baldy,” but I had to get his attention, because he clearly blew the call.  His scalp condition was such that I doubt my effort was the first time he had been called “Baldy.”  In fact, I’d imagine he responds to “Baldy” routinely, perhaps even when that name is shouted by his mother and members of his family.  So why not use a word that he might hear and recognize?

As far as the rest of the comment goes, I encourage heckling at sporting events.  If you’re going to don that striped shirt and whistle and judge other people, you’ve got to expected to be judged yourself.  If Mr. Clean is going to blow a call to the detriment of the Buckeyes, he needs to understand he’ll be called on it.

I think heckling can get out of hand when it becomes profane (sorry, I don’t think “ass” really qualifies) and violent, but a little needling of the ref is part of what should be a home court advantage.  I’d rather be an occasional heckler than a fan who never stands up, cheers, or chants.