Orange Bicycle

IMG_0796Yesterday Kasey and I were out for a walk when we encountered an orange bicycle chained to a traffic sign.  And when I say “orange,” I mean this bike was totally orange, from the seat to the frame to the tires to the brake lines, chain, spokes and pedals.  The only non-orange item was the black foam handlebar grips.

What’s the significance of a completely orange bicycle chained to a traffic sign?  These days, who knows?  It could be that the bike’s owner and rider just really likes orange — or maybe it’s some kind of weird advertising campaign for a new start-up tech company called Orange Bicycle.  Or maybe Orange Bicycle is the name for a rock band or a new beer; nowadays new high-tech companies, rock bands, and beer brands seem to draw from the same reservoir of abstract and improbable names.

Now that I think of it, Orange Bicycle would be a pretty good name for a rock band.