Jack Frost’s Beard

Today is one of those days where it is just warm enough for snow to melt, but still cold enough that that melted snow isn’t going to get far before turning into ice. It’s ideal icicle weather, and we’ve got some impressive ones around German Village, including this specimen that formed on a bush on City Park.

My grandmother called these multi-icicle creations “Jack Frost’s beard,” in recognition of that wintry sprite. According to Grandma, the impish Mr. Frost not only nipped at your nose on cold mornings, he also was responsible for the icy etchings on windows that formed on super-cold days.

Icicles At Sunrise

IMG_1768The tree behind my new parking spot was sporting some impressive icicles this morning.

Icicles are always vaguely depressing. They seem to appear only in the deepest part of winter, when the sun’s rays melt the snow on rooftops but the cold air immediately freezes the dripping water. They’re pretty and bright, but I’d rather they never appeared in the first place.