Too Soon

IMG_3318Yikes!  The leaves on the trees on my street are already turning, and it’s not even October yet!  I’m not ready.

Please, weather gods — let us have a few weeks more of Indian summer!  I know it is a politically incorrect term, but it’s been unseasonably cool for months, and we could use some bright, clear days with temperatures in the 80s before the trees show their true colors, the autumn winds blow, and we feel the first breath of winter on our necks.

Bye Weekend

It’s a “bye weekend” this weekend.  No Buckeyes game today and no Browns game tomorrow to plan around.  So, how to spend our precious, wholly unscheduled weekend hours?  Dinner and a movie, perhaps?  Lounging on our patio and finishing up the books we’ve been working on?  A few easy household chores to make us feel like we haven’t been complete slugs?

It’s supposed to be a spectacular weekend of Indian summer weather, with temperatures reaching the upper 60s, so time must be allotted for some outside activity.  Step one:  enjoy a spectacular sunrise this lovely Saturday morning.

Savoring A Taste Of Indian Summer

When you’ve had a wet and cooler than normal autumn, a few days of Indian summer — and I recognize that is not a very politically correct term, but it’s the only one I know — is very much appreciated.  Yesterday and today, the good citizens of Columbus, Ohio enjoyed daytime temperatures that hovered around 80 degrees, nighttime temperatures in the 50s, and clear, sunny skies.

Of course, Indian summer never lasts long; you have to enjoy it while you can.  For us, it’s ending all too soon.  Tomorrow, showers and cooler temperatures are in the forecast, and then the weather is supposed to get worse as we move toward November.